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Alexa Skills Kit

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind tens of millions of devices like the Echo family of devices including basket nike blazer mid noir femme fatale gjQpV
. Alexa provides capabilities, or skills, that enable customers to create a more personalized experience. There are now nike air max bag price philippines iphone
from companies like Starbucks, Uber, and Capital One as well as other innovative designers and developers.

The Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) is a collection of self-service APIs, tools, documentation, and code samples that makes it fast and easy for you to add skills to Alexa. ASK enables designers, developers, and brands to build engaging skills and reach customers through tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices. With ASK, you can leverage Amazon’s knowledge and pioneering work in the field of voice design.

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Lean on our expertise to reimagine your customer experience. Create elegant voice-first experiences that integrate voice, visual, and touch interfaces. Help shape the UI of the future and enable customers to engage via voice.

Reach customers where they are through tens of millions of devices with Alexa. Engage with customers through the Echo family of devices, Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Alexa-enabled third-party devices such as Sonos One speakers and ecobee smart thermostats, and more.

Build quickly and easily with AWS Lambda. Once you publish your skill, apply to receive AWS promotional credits to be put toward your skill. You can also get paid for engaging skills that customers love via nike free review 2017

Get to know the Alexa Skills Kit and learn how you can add voice to your big idea.

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Learn how to design for voice and start sketching out your skill's interaction.

Design for voice

Build your skill in the cloud with our toolkit, no coding knowledge required.

Build in the cloud

Launch your skill in the nike free run review WuFhc
and reach tens of millions of customers.

Launch your skill

Build and submit your best life hack skill for a chance to win your share of $250,000 in cash and prizes.

Learn more

NGSIv2 implements a pagination mechanism (which by the way is very similar to the one implemented in NGSIv1) in order to help clients to retrieve large sets of resources. This mechanism works for all listing operations in the API (e.g. GET /v2/entities , GET /v2/subscriptions , POST /v2/op/query , etc.).

The mechanism is based on three URI parameters:

limit , in order to specify the maximum number of elements (default is 20, maximun allowed is 1000).


offset , in order to skip a given number of elements at the beginning (default is 0)


count (as option ), if activated then a Fiware-Total-Count header is added to the response, with a count of total elements.


By default, results are returned ordered by increasing creation time. In the case of entities query, this can be changed with the orderBy URL parameter .

Let's illustrate with an example: a given client cannot process more than 100 results in a single response and the query includes a total of 322 results. The client could do the following (only the URL is included, for the sake of completeness).

Note that if the request uses an offset beyond the total number of results, an empty list is returned, as shown below:

In order to help clients organize query and discovery requests with a large number of responses (for example, think of how costly could be returning a query matching 1,000,000 results in a single HTTP response to a queryContext request), adidas roshe style trainers
(and nike air force 1 07 womens uk basketball bAkV0
) and discoverContextAvailability (and related convenience operations ) allow pagination. The mechanism is based on three URI parameters:

limit , in order to specify the maximum number of entities or context registrations (for queryContext and discoverContextAvailability respectively) (default is 20, maximun allowed is 1000).

details (allowed values are “on” and “off”, default is “off”), in order to get a global errorCode for the response including a count of total elements (in the case of using “on”). Note that using details set to “on” slightly breaks NGSI standard, which states that global errorCode must be used only in the case of general error with the request. However, we think it is very useful for a client to know in advance how many results in total the query has (and if you want to keep strict with NGSI, you can simply ignore the details parameter :)

Sprout is a transport protocol for interactive applications that desire high throughput and low delay.

In evaluations on traces from commercial LTE and 3G networks, Sprout achieved 2–4 times the throughput of Skype, Apple Facetime, and Google Hangout, while reducing self-inflicted delay by 7–9 times .

2–4 times 7–9 times

— Keith Winstein, Anirudh Sivaraman, and Hari Balakrishnan

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Stochastic Forecasts Achieve High Throughput and Low Delay over Cellular Networks , in the proceedings of the 10th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 2013), Lombard, Ill., April 2013.

Slides and a public summary are available on the open-access conference proceedings site .

The talk was given April 5, 2013.

The source code to Sprout (evaluated in the research paper) is available on GitHub.

Source code to Sprout Tunnel (allows TCP to be tunneled within Sprout) available on GitHub

Our "explicit-state" MPEG-2 implementation includes an encoder API (based on mpeg2enc) and a decoder API (built around libmpeg2) .

Our code for saturating wireless networks and then replaying those traces on a hardware gateway is also available on GitHub.

Our implementation of the "CoDel" AQM algorithm is available in a different repository.

The page describes a Mininet port of our trace driven emulator, cellsim, used as part of a problem set in MIT's graduate networking class (6.829).

Cellular network traces were collected while driving in Boston, Mass., and surrounding municipalities. We simultaneously saturated the uplink and downlink of an Android smartphone tethered to a Linux laptop and measured the times when packets arrived across each link. Uplink datagrams were sent to a server at MIT, generally less than 50 ms RTT from the carrier's first/last hop.

The code for the saturatr can be found on GitHub.

The Verizon LTE and 1xEV-DO (3G) traces used a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The ATT trace used a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. The T-Mobile trace used a Nexus S smartphone running Android Jelly Bean.

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For the human race...

The Terrible Secret of Lunastus is a zany comedy-action romp through the outers of space! The Moon is falling from orbit and on the eve of the Earth’s destruction four astronauts, accompanied by their robot, Android, depart for the planet Lunastus to assess its suitability as a new home for the human race. The creatures they discover there will make them question their free will… and fear for their lives.

The show was performed over four weekends at the beautiful historic Zion Lutheran Church in downtown Baltimore. The Terrible Secret of Lunastus is the third original rock opera written and performed by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. It originally debuted in 2011 as a part of the BROS Double Feature at the Autograph Playhouse on 25th Street.

Incredibly Dead! is a b-horror homage with dastardly heroes, maniacal villains, and insane antics!

Arena Players, Baltimore's historic African American community theater, and Baltimore Rock Opera Society are partnering on an epic night of double-header theater entertainment!

Lunastus is a zany comedy-action romp through the outers of space that pays homage to our favorite science fiction serial TV shows! Get ready to explore a bizarre new world!

This violent, raucous, rebellious rock roll musical begins in 1661 in Calais, France, and crosses the open Atlantic Ocean before coming to a bloody close in the Caribbean Sea.

Amphion delivers blood, gore, tears, sweaty dancing, gore, sweet sweet romance and gore wrapped up in an epic historical fairy tale.

CHRONOSHRED is an action-packed sci-fi comedy that feels like watching all of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons – 3000 years into the future!

These smooth, crisp, refreshing rock operas are filled to the brim with deep, handcrafted flavor. The Rock Opera 6-Pack: “Oh boy, what a show!”

An electronic revolution set in the neon future of Ancient Egypt.

Our debut medieval fantasy rock opera, updated and re-imagined as a mind-blowing touring production.

MURDERCASTLE is a bone-chilling tale of death, love, and intrigue set during the Chicago 1893 World’s Fair.

VALHELLA: The Ragnarøkkoperetta is the first sign of the apocalypse – a Norse-inspired creation tale!






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